October 12, 2018

Python Special Ardour Groups | Python.org

There are a different of Special
Ardour Groups (SIGs) for centered collaborative efforts to produce,
improve, or inspire explicit Python sources. Each SIG has a
charter, a coordinator, a mailing checklist, and a list on the Python
web home. SIG membership is informal, defined by subscription to the SIG’s
mailing checklist. Anyone can join a SIG, and participate within the
pattern discussions by project of the SIG’s mailing checklist.

Under is the checklist of within the indicate time active Python SIGs, with links to
their sources. The link within the essential column directs you to the
SIG’s home page: a page with extra files about the SIG. The
links within the “Records” column reveal you to the SIG’s archives, and to
the SIG’s Mailman page, which which that you just can maybe also advise to subscribe or unsubscribe
your self and to change your subscription alternate choices.

The SIG mailing lists are managed by GNU Mailman, a web-based-based mostly fully interface for
mailing lists written in Python.

There is additionally a list of retired SIGs;
these SIGs existed within the past nonetheless are no longer any longer active.
Their archives and home pages are retained. A retired SIG could also additionally be
revived, utilizing the same criteria as for
growing a new SIG.

There are additionally native Python Person
, organized by space quite than by special hobby.

All SIG mailing lists are archived.

  • python.org hosts the Mailman archives. Click on the link within the
    “Archive” column below for the archive of your favourite SIG.
Establish Coordinator Description Records
capi-sig Campbell Barton Beef up for Utilizing the Python/C API archive, subscribe
cplusplus-sig Ralf W. Grosse-Kunstleve Style of Python/C++ bindings archive, subscribe
datetime-sig Alexander Belopolsky Discussions linked up to now and time archive, subscribe
db-sig Andy Todd Databases archive, subscribe
distutils-sig A.M. Kuchling Packaging and impress tools. archive, subscribe
doc-sig Fred Drake Documentation archive, subscribe
edu-sig Timothy Wilson Python in Education archive, subscribe
electronic mail-sig Barry Warsaw electronic mail package SIG archive, subscribe
i18n-sig Andy Robinson Internationalization archive, subscribe
image-sig Fredrik Lundh List Processing archive, subscribe
import-sig Barry Warsaw Import SIG archive, subscribe
meta-sig Barry Warsaw SIG about the SIGs archive, subscribe
cell-sig Jeff Hardy Python for cell devices archive, subscribe
pythonmac-sig Jack Jansen On Apple Macintosh archive, subscribe
stdlib-sig Barry Warsaw Style, enchancment, and upkeep of the Python not new library. archive, subscribe
web-sig Invoice Janssen Net-linked Enhancements archive, subscribe
xml-sig Effectively off Salz XML Processing archive, subscribe

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