October 12, 2018

PEP Zero — Index of Python Enhancement Proposals (PEPs)

P 1 PEP Motive and Pointers Warsaw, Hylton, Goodger, Coghlan PF 2 Plot for Including New Modules Faassen PW 3 Pointers for Going by Malicious program Experiences Hylton P four Deprecation of Traditional Modules Cannon, von Löwis P 5 Pointers for Language Evolution Prescod P 6 Malicious program Repair Releases Aahz, Baxter P 7 Style E book for C Code GvR, Warsaw P 8 Style E book for Python Code GvR, Warsaw, Coghlan PW 9 Sample Plaintext PEP Template Warsaw P 10 Voting Pointers Warsaw P Eleven Getting rid of pink meat up for miniature former platforms von Löwis, Cannon P 12 Sample reStructuredText PEP Template Goodger, Warsaw I Thirteen Python Language Governance Warsaw I 20 The Zen of Python Peters PR Forty two Feature Requests Hylton SF A hundred Python Unicode Integration Lemburg I 101 Doing Python Releases 101 Warsaw, GvR IS 102 Doing Python Micro Releases Baxter, Warsaw, GvR IW 103 Collecting files about git Broytman IF 160 Python 1.6 Free up Schedule Drake IF 200 Python 2.Zero Free up Schedule Hylton SF 201 Lockstep Iteration Warsaw SF 202 Checklist Comprehensions Warsaw SF 203 Augmented Assignments Wouters SR 204 Differ Literals Wouters SF 205 Outmoded References Drake IW 206 Python Developed Library Kuchling SF 207 Rich Comparisons GvR, Ascher SF 208 Reworking the Coercion Model Schemenauer, Lemburg SW 209 Multi-dimensional Arrays Barrett, Oliphant SR 210 Decoupling the Interpreter Loop Ascher SR 211 Including A New Outer Product Operator Wilson SR 212 Loop Counter Iteration Schneider-Kamp SD 213 Attribute Get entry to Handlers Prescod SF 214 Extended Print Assertion Warsaw SS 215 String Interpolation Yee IR 216 Docstring Structure Zadka SF 217 Expose Hook for Interactive Use Zadka SF 218 Including a Built-In Build of residing Object Kind Wilson, Hettinger SD 219 Stackless Python McMillan IR 220 Coroutines, Generators, Continuations McMillan SF 221 Import As Wouters SD 222 Net Library Enhancements Kuchling SF 223 Trade the Meaning of x Escapes Peters SR 224 Attribute Docstrings Lemburg SR 225 Elementwise/Objectwise Operators Zhu, Lielens IF 226 Python 2.1 Free up Schedule Hylton SF 227 Statically Nested Scopes Hylton SW 228 Reworking Python’s Numeric Model Zadka, GvR SF 229 The usage of Distutils to Invent Python Kuchling SF 230 Warning Framework GvR SR 231 __findattr__() Warsaw SF 232 Characteristic Attributes Warsaw SD 233 Python On-line Assist Prescod SF 234 Iterators Yee, GvR SF 235 Import on Case-Insensitive Platforms Peters SF 236 Support to the __future__ Peters SF 237 Unifying Long Integers and Integers Zadka, GvR SF 238 Altering the Division Operator Zadka, GvR SR 239 Including a Rational Kind to Python Craig, Zadka SR 240 Including a Rational Literal to Python Craig, Zadka SF 241 Metadata for Python Tool Programs Kuchling SR 242 Numeric Kinds Dubois SW 243 Module Repository Upload Mechanism Reifschneider SR 244 The directive commentary von Löwis SR 245 Python Interface Syntax Pelletier SR 246 Object Adaptation Martelli, Evans IF 247 API for Cryptographic Hash Capabilities Kuchling IF 248 Python Database API Specification v1.Zero Lemburg IF 249 Python Database API Specification v2.Zero Lemburg SF 250 The usage of place-packages on House windows Moore IF 251 Python 2.2 Free up Schedule Warsaw, GvR SF 252 Making Styles Glimpse Extra Fancy Classes GvR SF 253 Subtyping Built-in Styles GvR SR 254 Making Classes Glimpse Extra Fancy Styles GvR SF 255 Straightforward Generators Schemenauer, Peters, Hetland SR 256 Docstring Processing System Framework Goodger I 257 Docstring Conventions Goodger, GvR SR 258 Docutils Make Specification Goodger SR 259 Omit printing newline after newline GvR SF 260 Simplify xrange() GvR SF 261 Toughen for “wide” Unicode characters Prescod SD 262 A Database of Installed Python Programs Kuchling SF 263 Defining Python Supply Code Encodings Lemburg, von Löwis SF 264 Future statements in simulated shells Hudson SR 265 Sorting Dictionaries by Worth Griffin SW 266 Optimizing World Variable/Attribute Get entry to Montanaro SD 267 Optimized Get entry to to Module Namespaces Hylton SR 268 Extended HTTP functionality and WebDAV Stein SD 269 Pgen Module for Python Riehl SR 270 uniq manner for list objects Petrone SR 271 Prefixing sys.course by repeat line risk Giacometti IF 272 API for Block Encryption Algorithms v1.Zero Kuchling SF 273 Import Modules from Zip Archives Ahlstrom SF 274 Dict Comprehensions Warsaw SR 275 Switching on Extra than one Values Lemburg SR 276 Straightforward Iterator for ints Althoff SF 277 Unicode file name pink meat up for House windows NT Hodgson SF 278 Universal Newline Toughen Jansen SF 279 The enumerate() built-in feature Hettinger SD 280 Optimizing fetch entry to to globals GvR SR 281 Loop Counter Iteration with fluctuate and xrange Hetland SF 282 A Logging System Sajip, Mick IF 283 Python 2.3 Free up Schedule GvR SR 284 Integer for-loops Eppstein, Ewing SF 285 Including a bool kind GvR SD 286 Enhanced Argument Tuples von Löwis I 287 reStructuredText Docstring Structure Goodger SW 288 Generators Attributes and Exceptions Hettinger SF 289 Generator Expressions Hettinger I 290 Code Migration and Modernization Hettinger IF 291 Backward Compatibility for the Python 2 Traditional … Norwitz SF 292 Extra brilliant String Substitutions Warsaw SF 293 Codec Error Going by Callbacks Dörwald SR 294 Kind Names within the forms Module Tirosh SR 295 Interpretation of multiline string constants Koltsov SW 296 Including a bytes Object Kind Gilbert SR 297 Toughen for System Upgrades Lemburg SW 298 The Locked Buffer Interface Heller SR 299 Particular __main__() feature in modules Epler SF 301 Package deal Index and Metadata for Distutils Jones SF 302 New Import Hooks JvR, Moore SR 303 Lengthen divmod() for Extra than one Divisors Bellman SW 304 Controlling Technology of Bytecode Information Montanaro SF 305 CSV File API Altis, Cole, McNamara, Montanaro, Wells IW 306 How one can Trade Python’s Grammar Hudson, Diederich, Coghlan, Peterson SF 307 Extensions to the predicament protocol GvR, Peters SF 308 Conditional Expressions GvR, Hettinger SF 309 Partial Characteristic Utility Harris SR 310 Official Acquisition/Free up Pairs Hudson, Moore SF 311 Simplified World Interpreter Lock Acquisition for … Hammond SD 312 Straightforward Implicit Lambda Suzi, Martelli SR 313 Including Roman Numeral Literals to Python Meyer SF 314 Metadata for Python Tool Programs v1.1 Kuchling, Jones SR 315 Enhanced While Loop Hettinger, Carroll SD 316 Programming by Contract for Python Formula SR 317 Assign away with Implicit Exception Instantiation Taschuk SF 318 Decorators for Capabilities and Recommendations Smith SR 319 Python Synchronize/Asynchronize Block Pelletier IF 320 Python 2.four Free up Schedule Warsaw, Hettinger, Baxter SW 321 Date/Time Parsing and Formatting Kuchling SF 322 Reverse Iteration Hettinger SD 323 Copyable Iterators Martelli SF 324 subprocess – New job module Astrand SR 325 Resource-Free up Toughen for Generators Pedroni SR 326 A Case for Top and Bottom Values Carlson, Reedy SF 327 Decimal Records Kind Batista SF 328 Imports: Multi-Line and Absolute/Relative Aahz SR 329 Treating Builtins as Constants within the Traditional Library Hettinger SR 330 Python Bytecode Verification Pelletier SF 331 Locale-Impartial Slump with the waft/String Conversions Reis SR 332 Byte vectors and String/Unicode Unification Montanaro IF 333 Python Net Server Gateway Interface v1.Zero Eby SW 334 Straightforward Coroutines by SuspendIteration Evans SR 335 Overloadable Boolean Operators Ewing SR 336 Create None Callable McClelland SD 337 Logging Utilization within the Traditional Library Dubner SF 338 Executing modules as scripts Coghlan IW 339 Make of the CPython Compiler Cannon SR 340 Anonymous Block Statements GvR SF 341 Unifying are trying-except and take care of a scrutinize at-in the end Brandl SF 342 Coroutines by Enhanced Generators GvR, Eby SF 343 The “with” Assertion GvR, Coghlan SS 344 Exception Chaining and Embedded Tracebacks Yee SF 345 Metadata for Python Tool Programs 1.2 Jones SW 346 User Defined (“with“) Statements Coghlan PF 347 Migrating the Python CVS to Subversion von Löwis SR 348 Exception Reorganization for Python 3.Zero Cannon SD 349 Allow str() to return unicode strings Schemenauer IR 350 Codetags Elliott SR 351 The freeze protocol Warsaw SF 352 Required Superclass for Exceptions Cannon, GvR SF 353 The usage of ssize_t as the index kind von Löwis SS 354 Enumerations in Python Finney SR 355 Course – Object oriented filesystem paths Lindqvist IF 356 Python 2.5 Free up Schedule Norwitz, GvR, Baxter SF 357 Allowing Any Object to be Ancient for Cutting Oliphant SF 358 The “bytes” Object Schemenauer, GvR SW 359 The “invent” Assertion Bethard PF 360 Externally Maintained Programs Cannon IF 361 Python 2.6 and three.Zero Free up Schedule Norwitz, Warsaw SF 362 Characteristic Signature Object Cannon, Seo, Selivanov, Hastings SR 363 Syntax For Dynamic Attribute Get entry to North SW 364 Transitioning to the Py3K Traditional Library Warsaw SR 365 Including the pkg_resources module Eby SF 366 Main module explicit relative imports Coghlan SS 367 New Sizable Spealman, Delaney SD 368 Traditional image protocol and sophistication Mastrodomenico SW 369 Post import hooks Heimes SF 370 Per person place-packages directory Heimes SF 371 Addition of the multiprocessing equipment to the … Noller, Oudkerk SF 372 Including an ordered dictionary to collections Ronacher, Hettinger I 373 Python 2.7 Free up Schedule Peterson PF 374 Picking a distributed VCS for the Python challenge Cannon, Turnbull, Vassalotti, Warsaw, Ochtman IF 375 Python 3.1 Free up Schedule Peterson SF 376 Database of Installed Python Distributions Ziadé SR 377 Allow __enter__() skip the commentary body Coghlan SF 378 Structure Specifier for 1000’s Separator Hettinger SW 379 Including an Project Expression Whitley SF 380 Syntax for Delegating to a Subgenerator Ewing S 381 Mirroring infrastructure for PyPI Ziadé, v. Löwis SR 382 Namespace Programs v. Löwis SF 383 Non-decodable Bytes in System Character Interfaces v. Löwis SF 384 Defining a True ABI v. Löwis PF 385 Migrating from Subversion to Fleet Ochtman, Pitrou, Brandl SS 386 Altering the version comparison module in Distutils Ziadé P 387 Backwards Compatibility Policy Peterson SF 389 argparse – New Sigh Line Parsing Module Bethard SR 390 Static metadata for Distutils Ziadé SF 391 Dictionary-Primarily primarily based Configuration For Logging Sajip IF 392 Python 3.2 Free up Schedule Brandl SF 393 Flexible String Illustration v. Löwis I 394 The “python” Sigh on Unix-Fancy Programs Staley, Coghlan, Warsaw, Viktorin SW 395 Reliable Names for Modules Coghlan ID 396 Module Version Numbers Warsaw SF 397 Python launcher for House windows Hammond, v. Löwis IF 398 Python 3.3 Free up Schedule Brandl IF 399 Pure Python/C Accelerator Module Compatibility … Cannon SD four hundred Deprecate codecs.StreamReader and codecs.StreamWriter Stinner PR 401 BDFL Retirement Warsaw, Cannon SR 402 Simplified Package deal Layout and Partitioning Eby SD 403 Overall reason decorator clause (aka “@in” clause) Coghlan IF 404 Python 2.8 Un-birth Schedule Warsaw SF 405 Python Virtual Environments Meyer SW 406 Improved Encapsulation of Import Convey Coghlan, Slodkowicz PD 407 New birth cycle and introducing prolonged-term pink meat up … Pitrou, Brandl, Warsaw SR 408 Traditional library __preview__ equipment Coghlan, Bendersky SF 409 Suppressing exception context Furman SR 410 Use decimal.Decimal kind for timestamps Stinner I 411 Provisional packages within the Python now not contemporary library Coghlan, Bendersky SF 412 Key-Sharing Dictionary Shannon PW 413 Quicker evolution of the Python Traditional Library Coghlan SF 414 Relate Unicode Literal for Python 3.3 Ronacher, Coghlan SF 415 Put into effect context suppression with exception attributes Peterson SR 416 Add a frozendict builtin kind Stinner SF 417 Including mock within the Traditional Library Foord SF 418 Add monotonic time, performance counter, and … Simpson, Jewett, Turnbull, Stinner SD 419 Maintaining cleanup statements from interruptions Colomiets SF 420 Implicit Namespace Programs Smith SF 421 Including sys.implementation Snow SW 422 Extra brilliant customisation of class creation Coghlan, Metropolis ID 423 Naming conventions and recipes connected to packaging Bryon SF 424 One draw for exposing a length impress Gaynor SF 425 Compatibility Tags for Built Distributions Holth IW 426 Metadata for Python Tool Programs 2.Zero Coghlan, Holth, Stufft SF 427 The Wheel Binary Package deal Structure 1.Zero Holth SF 428 The pathlib module — object-oriented filesystem paths Pitrou I 429 Python 3.four Free up Schedule Hastings IF 430 Migrating to Python 3 as the default online … Coghlan SW 431 Time zone pink meat up enhancements Regebro S 432 Restructuring the CPython startup sequence Coghlan SS 433 Simpler suppression of file descriptor inheritance Stinner I 434 IDLE Enhancement Exception for All Branches Rovito, Reedy SF 435 Including an Enum kind to the Python now not contemporary library Warsaw, Bendersky, Furman S 436 The Argument Sanatorium DSL Hastings SR 437 A DSL for specifying signatures, annotations and … Krah PS 438 Transitioning to begin-file web web hosting on PyPI Krekel, Meyer SR 439 Inclusion of implicit pip bootstrap in Python … Jones I 440 Version Identification and Dependency Specification Coghlan, Stufft SF 441 Bettering Python ZIP Utility Toughen Holth, Moore SF 442 Stable object finalization Pitrou SF 443 Single-dispatch generic functions Langa ID 444 Python Web3 Interface McDonough, Ronacher SF 445 Add contemporary APIs to customize Python memory allocators Stinner SF 446 Create newly created file descriptors non-inheritable Stinner S 447 Add __getdescriptor__ manner to metaclass Oussoren SF 448 Extra Unpacking Generalizations Landau PF 449 Elimination of the PyPI Bear in mind Auto Discovery and … Stufft SF 450 Including A Statistics Module To The Traditional Library D’Aprano SF 451 A ModuleSpec Kind for the Import System Snow I 452 API for Cryptographic Hash Capabilities v2.Zero Kuchling, Heimes SF 453 Relate bootstrapping of pip in Python installations Stufft, Coghlan SF 454 Add a recent tracemalloc module to impress Python memory … Stinner SR 455 Including a key-reworking dictionary to collections Pitrou SF 456 Stable and interchangeable hash algorithm Heimes I 457 Syntax For Positional-Supreme Parameters Hastings S 458 Surviving a Compromise of PyPI Kuppusamy, Diaz, Stufft, Cappos SW 459 Traditional Metadata Extensions for Python Tool … Coghlan SW 460 Add binary interpolation and formatting Pitrou SF 461 Including % formatting to bytes and bytearray Furman PW 462 Core trend workflow automation for CPython Coghlan SR 463 Exception-catching expressions Angelico PF 464 Elimination of the PyPI Bear in mind Authenticity API Stufft SF 465 A dedicated infix operator for matrix multiplication Smith SF 466 Network Safety Enhancements for Python 2.7.x Coghlan S 467 Minor API enhancements for binary sequences Coghlan, Furman SF 468 Keeping the reveal of **kwargs in a feature. Snow SW 469 Migration of dict iteration code to Python 3 Coghlan PF 470 Getting rid of External Net web hosting Toughen on PyPI Stufft SF 471 os.scandir() feature — a greater and faster … Hoyt S 472 Toughen for indexing with key phrase arguments Borini, Martinot-Lagarde S 473 Including structured files to built-in exceptions Kreft PW 474 Creating forge.python.org Coghlan SF 475 Retry machine calls failing with EINTR Natali, Stinner SF 476 Enabling certificate verification by default for … Gaynor SF 477 Backport ensurepip (PEP 453) to Python 2.7 Stufft, Coghlan I 478 Python 3.5 Free up Schedule Hastings SF 479 Trade StopIteration handling inner generators Angelico, GvR S 480 Surviving a Compromise of PyPI: The Most … Kuppusamy, Diaz, Stufft, Cappos PW 481 Migrate CPython to Git, Github, and Phabricator Stufft I 482 Literature Overview for Kind Hints Langa I 483 The Knowing of Kind Hints GvR, Levkivskyi SP 484 Kind Hints GvR, Lehtosalo, Langa SF 485 A Characteristic for making an try out approximate equality Barker SF 486 Create the Python Launcher attentive to digital environments Moore SF 487 Extra brilliant customisation of class creation Teichmann SF 488 Elimination of PYO files Cannon SF 489 Multi-share extension module initialization Viktorin, Behnel, Coghlan SR 490 Chain exceptions at C stage Stinner S 491 The Wheel Binary Package deal Structure 1.9 Holth SF 492 Coroutines with async and await syntax Selivanov SF 493 HTTPS verification migration instruments for Python 2.7 Coghlan, Kuska, Lemburg I 494 Python 3.6 Free up Schedule Deily SF 495 Native Time Disambiguation Belopolsky, Peters IR 496 Setting Markers Polley P 497 A mature mechanism for backward compatibility Schofield SF 498 Literal String Interpolation Smith S 499 python -m foo ought to bind … Simpson SR 500 A protocol for delegating datetime their … Belopolsky, Peters SD 501 Overall reason string interpolation Coghlan I 502 String Interpolation – Extended Discussion Miller IA 503 Straightforward Repository API Stufft SW 504 The usage of the System RNG by default Coghlan S 505 None-unsleeping operators Haase, Dower SF 506 Including A Secrets Module To The Traditional Library D’Aprano PR 507 Migrate CPython to Git and GitLab Warsaw I 508 Dependency specification for Python Tool Programs Collins SF 509 Add a non-public version to dict Stinner SR 510 Specialize functions with guards Stinner SR 511 API for code transformers Stinner PF 512 Migrating from hg.python.org to GitHub Cannon I 513 A Platform Designate for Portable Linux Built Distributions McGibbon, Smith I 514 Python registration within the House windows registry Dower SF 515 Underscores in Numeric Literals Brandl, Storchaka SR 516 Invent machine abstraction for pip/conda etc Collins, Smith SP 517 A develop-machine neutral layout for source trees Smith, Kluyver SP 518 Specifying Minimum Invent System Requirements for … Cannon, Smith, Stufft SF 519 Including a file machine course protocol Cannon, Zevenhoven SF 520 Keeping Class Attribute Definition Speak Snow SW 521 Managing global context by ‘with’ blocks in … Smith SR 522 Allow BlockingIOError in security abundant APIs Coghlan, Smith SF 523 Including a body review API to CPython Cannon, Viehland SF 524 Create os.urandom() blockading on Linux Stinner SF 525 Asynchronous Generators Selivanov SF 526 Syntax for Variable Annotations Gonzalez, House, Levkivskyi, Roach, GvR PA 527 Getting rid of Un(der)former file forms/extensions on PyPI Stufft SF 528 Trade House windows console encoding to UTF-8 Dower SF 529 Trade House windows filesystem encoding to UTF-8 Dower SF 530 Asynchronous Comprehensions Selivanov SW 531 Existence checking operators Coghlan SD 532 A circuit breaking protocol and binary operators Coghlan, Haase S 533 Deterministic cleanup for iterators Smith S 534 Distributing a Subset of the Traditional Library Orsava, Viktorin, Coghlan SD 535 Rich comparison chaining Coghlan S 536 Final Grammar for Literal String Interpolation Angerer I 537 Python 3.7 Free up Schedule Deily SF 538 Coercing the legacy C locale to a UTF-8 primarily based entirely locale Coghlan SF 539 A New C-API for Thread-Native Storage in CPython Bray, Yamamoto SF 540 Add a recent UTF-8 Mode Stinner PF 541 Package deal Index Name Retention Langa S 542 Dot Notation Project In Characteristic Header Meskanen S 543 A Unified TLS API for Python Benfield, Heimes S 544 Protocols: Structural subtyping (static duck typing) Levkivskyi, Lehtosalo, Langa PF 545 Python Documentation Translations Palard, Naoki, Stinner SR 546 Backport ssl.MemoryBIO and ssl.SSLObject to Python 2.7 Stinner, Benfield SD 547 Running extension modules the usage of the -m risk Plch, Viktorin SR 548 Extra Flexible Loop Withhold a watch on Murray SR 549 Event Descriptors Hastings SW 550 Execution Context Selivanov, Pranskevichus I 551 Safety transparency within the Python runtime Dower SF 552 Deterministic pycs Peterson SF 553 Built-in breakpoint() Warsaw S 554 Extra than one Interpreters within the Stdlib Snow SW 555 Context-local variables (contextvars) Zevenhoven S 556 Threaded garbage assortment Pitrou SA 557 Records Classes Smith S 558 Defined semantics for locals() Coghlan SR 559 Built-in noop() Warsaw SA 560 Core pink meat up for typing module and generic forms Levkivskyi SA 561 Distributing and Packaging Kind Info Smith SF 562 Module __getattr__ and __dir__ Levkivskyi SA 563 Postponed Overview of Annotations Langa SF 564 Add contemporary time functions with nanosecond resolution Stinner SF 565 Point out DeprecationWarning in __main__ Coghlan SF 566 Metadata for Python Tool Programs 2.1 Ingram SF 567 Context Variables Selivanov SD 568 Generator-sensitivity for Context Variables Smith I 569 Python 3.8 Free up Schedule Langa S 570 Python Positional-Supreme Parameters Hastings, Galindo, Corchero I 571 The manylinux2010 Platform Designate Williams, Thomas, Kluyver SA 572 Project Expressions Angelico, Peters, GvR P 573 Module Convey Get entry to from C Extension Recommendations Viktorin, Coghlan, Snow, Plch S 574 Pickle protocol 5 with out-of-band files Pitrou SW 575 Unifying feature/manner lessons Demeyer S 576 Rationalize Built-in feature lessons Shannon SW 577 Augmented Project Expressions Coghlan S 578 Python Runtime Audit Hooks Dower I 579 Refactoring C functions and solutions Demeyer S 580 The C call protocol Demeyer P 581 The usage of GitHub Components for CPython Wijaya S 582 Python local packages directory Das, Dower, Stufft, Coghlan SF 628 Add math.tau Coghlan SR 666 Reject Silly Indentation Creighton SR 754 IEEE 754 Floating Level Particular Values Warnes I 801 Reserved Warsaw PF 3000 Python 3000 GvR PW 3001 Plot for reviewing and bettering now not contemporary … Brandl PF 3002 Plot for Backwards-Incompatible Changes Bethard PF 3003 Python Language Moratorium Cannon, Noller, GvR PF 3099 Things that can Now not Trade in Python 3000 Brandl PF 3100 Miscellaneous Python 3.Zero Plans Cannon SF 3101 Developed String Formatting Talin SF 3102 Keyword-Supreme Arguments Talin SR 3103 A Swap/Case Assertion GvR SF 3104 Get entry to to Names in Outer Scopes Yee SF 3105 Create print a feature Brandl SF 3106 Revamping dict.keys(), .values() and .items() GvR SF 3107 Characteristic Annotations Iciness, Lownds SF 3108 Traditional Library Reorganization Cannon SF 3109 Elevating Exceptions in Python 3000 Iciness SF 3110 Catching Exceptions in Python 3000 Iciness SF 3111 Straightforward enter built-in in Python 3000 Roberge SF 3112 Bytes literals in Python 3000 Orendorff SF 3113 Elimination of Tuple Parameter Unpacking Cannon SF 3114 Renaming iterator.subsequent() to iterator.__next__() Yee SF 3115 Metaclasses in Python 3000 Talin SF 3116 New I/O Stutzbach, GvR, Verdone SR 3117 Postfix kind declarations Brandl SF 3118 Revising the buffer protocol Oliphant, Banks SF 3119 Introducing Abstract Unfriendly Classes GvR, Talin SF 3120 The usage of UTF-8 as the default source encoding von Löwis SA 3121 Extension Module Initialization and Finalization von Löwis SR 3122 Delineation of the predominant module Cannon SF 3123 Making PyObject_HEAD conform to now not contemporary C von Löwis SD 3124 Overloading, Generic Capabilities, Interfaces, and … Eby SR 3125 Employ Backslash Continuation Jewett SR 3126 Employ Implicit String Concatenation Jewett, Hettinger SF 3127 Integer Literal Toughen and Syntax Maupin SR 3128 BList: A Quicker Checklist-admire Kind Stutzbach SF 3129 Class Decorators Iciness SR 3130 Get entry to to Fresh Module/Class/Characteristic Jewett SF 3131 Supporting Non-ASCII Identifiers von Löwis SF 3132 Extended Iterable Unpacking Brandl SR 3133 Introducing Roles Iciness SF 3134 Exception Chaining and Embedded Tracebacks Yee SF 3135 New Sizable Spealman, Delaney, Ryan SR 3136 Labeled demolish and continue Chisholm SF 3137 Immutable Bytes and Mutable Buffer GvR SF 3138 String illustration in Python 3000 Ishimoto SR 3139 Cleansing out sys and the “interpreter” module Peterson SR 3140 str(container) ought to call str(item), no longer repr(item) Broytman, Jewett SF 3141 A Kind Hierarchy for Numbers Yasskin SR 3142 Add a “while” clause to generator expressions Britton SD 3143 Traditional daemon job library Finney SF 3144 IP Address Manipulation Library for the Python … Touchy SW 3145 Asynchronous I/O For subprocess.Popen Pruitt, McCreary, Carlson SW 3146 Merging Unladen Swallow into CPython Iciness, Yasskin, Kleckner SF 3147 PYC Repository Directories Warsaw SF 3148 futures – develop computations asynchronously Quinlan SF 3149 ABI version tagged .so files Warsaw SD 3150 Assertion local namespaces (aka “given” clause) Coghlan SF 3151 Reworking the OS and IO exception hierarchy Pitrou SR 3152 Cofunctions Ewing SS 3153 Asynchronous IO pink meat up Houtven SF 3154 Pickle protocol version four Pitrou SF 3155 Reliable name for lessons and functions Pitrou SF 3156 Asynchronous IO Toughen Rebooted: the “asyncio” Module GvR IF 3333 Python Net Server Gateway Interface v1.Zero.1 Eby I 8000 Python Language Governance Proposal Overview Warsaw P 8001 Python Governance Voting Route of Warsaw I 8002 Commence Supply Governance Survey Warsaw, Langa, Pitrou, Hellmann, Willing I 8010 The BDFL Governance Model Warsaw I 8011 Python Governance Model Lead by Trio of Pythonistas Wijaya, Warsaw I 8012 The Neighborhood Governance Model Langa I 8013 The External Council Governance Model Dower I 8014 The Commons Governance Model Jansen I 8015 Group of the Python community Stinner

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